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Run, Run, Run, Run Away

This past weekend was the Chicago Marathon. I don’t think I ever had an appreciation for how difficult it was to actually run 26.2 miles before I started to run myself. And for those of you who don’t understand, it’s hard ‘yall. I envy those folks who ran and held up. I envy the people who say I can push past the amount of pain I am feeling because this is worth it. I did 16 miles (I always say did because I have to run/walk still) on Saturday and I got some intense bra burn which makes me say, can I deal with this when I add on 10 more miles? We shall see. Also of note, on Saturday night I went to a meet a friend after he ran 36 miles… just for fun. There was no medal earned at the end nor did he have a cheering squad of strangers with hilarious signs. What he did have was me, the Gatorade, water and PopTart I brought him… and OK… a plastic medal that I drew. So cheers to the runners. You did it! And you are amazing!

The Kenyans… have you watched these guys run? At both mile 5 and somewhere after 15K they were just running along in a pack to the same cadence and rhythm far ahead of everyone else.

This is Matt. He is my friend’s co-worker and he is an elite runner. He spent the entire marathon running at a pace of around 5:20. Just amazing…

This is Lucy. She ran the entire marathon of a pace between 7:30 – 8. She constantly tells me she isn’t that fast. She is clearly full of lies.


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