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Freebies = Happiness

The weather in Chicago is steadily dropping and I refuse to accept this change. On Saturday I ran 5 miles to the gym and wore my gloves, jacket, long sleeved shirt and this head band thing…ear warmer… I don’t know what you call it. The run was fun along the lake, but back in the city it was windy and bad news bears. Guess it’s time to crack out the real winter gear. What do you kids wear for your winter running experience?


I also want to give a big shout out to Fleet Feet and Mizuno for their Wave Rider event on Friday night. With your free RSVP you got yummy pizza and beer as well as a swag bag and a peak at the new Wave Rider 18… and yes, of course I bought them. The goodie bag contained a Mizuno tee, light (I think mine is broken already), water bottle and keychain. Not bad for paying nothing! Thanks for hooking us up Mizuno and Fleet Feet!! We love freebies! Fleet Feet was also giving away socks on Saturday. Sadly I missed that one, but anytime they want to hook me up with socks, please know that I will gladly accept!



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