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Warrior Style

I keep thinking that I should talk about clothes or music or something other than just hey, today I ran. I could also talk for hours about my gym and the cross training classes I take there… but I won’t. I will talk about pants. Because who doesn’t love running tights?

In the past I was a firm lover of these GAP Fit pants…well I was going to try to find you a picture but apparently they don’t even make them anymore. So anyway, I had these looser pants and when I started to run (and get in better shape) I started to realize that running tights were way better as you didn’t deal with the cold getting through the bottom of your pants.

Enter Old Navy. I have a love/hate relationship with Old Navy. Their pants are mega cheap (and currently on sale) and fun and get the job done… but then they start to fall apart faster than I would like. They still seem to make it to my wishlist though…

Old Navy

Old Navy 2

And then there is Nike… I didn’t know I needed so many pairs of running pants until they kept making awesome pants… These are my current wish list faves. I have the Brazil pants which aren’t as tight as I would like them to be as well as these bad boys (which are as tight as I would like them to be.)





*Side note:Despite most of these awesome pants being blue or green, most of my pants are actually black as I have an extreme fear of crotch sweat.

Pretty Young Runner

Now back to pants… there are so many other brands with awesome designs (such as Zella, Onzie & Stella McCartney for Adidas) but I don’t own any of these brands so I can’t comment on them! I will leave you with this… these CW-X pants are my dream pants… dream because they are currently completely unaffordable, but I keep telling myself that if I wear them all the time and they actually help your muscles and joints then it’s worth it. Right?

Oh, and I guess they are a dream because I tried on a Size S and the lady at Fleet Feet told me they were a tight fit, well it was real tight and they stretched so much it was just hello underwear… meanwhile the Medium I felt like was a bit too long… some day you guys… Some day.


What do you wear to get your run on?


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