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Chillin’ at the Holiday Inn (or the Drury)

I was asked to make a brief trip for Detroit to train a new employee. But what is a girl to do when you are addicted to the gym and addicted to working out? As Tim Gunn would say, you make it work people. I decided to fly out Monday evening so I could take a really great lunch class on Monday afternoon and then return early-ish on Tuesday so I could make the evening classes I wanted to attend.

I arrived at the airport for my return and immediately changed into my stinky workout clothes so I would be ready as soon as I landed. Sadly my flight was delayed so I missed the two classes that I really wanted to take, but luckily for me the last class of the evening was at 7:10 and I made it just in time. A friend of mine suggested skipping and going the next morning and I thought good idea, except I already changed and posted it on Facebook so basically social media was holding me accountable for a workout.

And it won (and in case you are wondering, of course I went the next morning as well as to the afternoon class).


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