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Truth or Dare

Guys… I wrote an entire post… and then it went to the ether. I suppose that’s a good thing as most of it was me complaining about how terrible my 5am 5 mile run was this morning. It happens. My legs were sore and tired, my body is sore and tired and it’s my own fault for pushing so much this week. Tomorrow will be a better day… or not as it’s supposed to be 90 and raining and I’ve got 12 miles on my plate. So Monday could be more of me whining… but who knows what the future will bring!


In other news, I’ve decided that I want to live a more epic life and my current life of working out like a monster (I assume monsters work out) and then spending 8 hours sitting behind a desk supporting other people living their lives is just not cutting the bill. Soooooooo here is where you come in. I would like to play a little game of truth or dare… or mostly dare… or maybe let’s just call it challenge me. I would like you to challenge me to do things. Depending on cost and my own personal fear factor (guys… I am not gonna eat bugs… or meat… or jump out of a building), I will try to do it and will report back. Knowing Greg reads my blog scares me as I assume he will challenge me to something absurd. Thanks a lot Greg…

People who are epic: Chris Sharma

P.S. I stole that featured image from Deadlifts and Donuts… which is the greatest company ever.


5 thoughts on “Truth or Dare

  1. Tempting… but I wouldn’t challenge you to something I wouldn’t do and I’m surprisingly cowardly about new things… Although you should eat bugs—there’s a lot to suggest that they’d be a much better protein source than meat, and they can definitely be made to be tasty. (The Nature Museum usually has a cooking with bug thing during its Bugapalooza, which is happening August 21.) I’ll come up with something deeply irresponsible, though…


    1. If you covered a bug with chocolate and gave it to me but didn’t tell me there was a bug in it and hen two days later was like remember that chocolate I gave you, because that was a bug.., then I would eat a bug.


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