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Say What Now

Let’s start with the good (?):

– Monday: 3 miles. Feeling good. A bit slower than I like but then a friend told me it was 90% humidity and I felt much better about my pace.


Monday Part 2: 500 was a Beyonce inspired class and apparently that meant entirely lower body with some slight boxing and push ups. If you are curious what a Beyonce work-out is…. as Brittany just summarized beautifully: hit yourself in the butt with a bat and then do a 1000000 squats.


– Tuesday: 2.5ish miles. I do not understand Fred Fitness numbers for hill sprints. He says 45 min…. it took me 28 min…. and then I said whateves Fred Fitness:


   Chi town

Dis my view… if I go in this direction… and to the left is the zoo. THE FREE ZOO. I heart Chi town.

Tuesday Part 2: Free Community class at Soul Cycle! While I can’t afford their $30 classes on the regular or their adorable but insanely priced workout gear, I can afford a free class. My butt was incredibly sore from Monday. In fact it’s Wednesday and I cancelled my morning class because my butt was still sore.


So now the bad… last week I  noticed I had a rash along my back and decided it must be from my new Athleta pants which I didn’t wash before wearing. I finally consulted a dermatologist because a friend made me (what a good friend) and as it turns out… I have shingles. SHINGLES! Who gets shingles?!


No, but seriously?! Apparently you can develop them when your immune system is low and either I have a high pain tolerance or mine aren’t horrible, but it’s a constant burning sensation with lots of itching. Luckily, I got some meds that may or not may not work, but this won’t stop me from my training.

Meds  Meds Part 2
Horse pills… are we sure this isn’t viagra?

Train through the pain?


P.S. It’s not so much pain as it is constant burning and itching… you know… like a sexually transmitted disease, except on my back. #Baller

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