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I’m supposed to be posting

But life is busy so I didn’t. Instead I took some pictures of things I wanted to post about but didn’t.

IMG_1362This is a bug that died on my head. Every time I come in from a run there are at least three dead gnats on me. What’s up with that bros?

Your weekend re-cap
Last week was a light week for me which meant limited running and a 10 mile long run. I don’t know at what point 10 miles became not a big deal, but it did. And it was well timed as Thursday was my birthday and Friday my friends came to my show and we had a drink (or maybe two afterwards).

IMG_1337*My amazing friends bought me these equally amazing Nike tights that I have been salivating for. THANK YOU FRIENDS!!

Back to the point:
It was nice to have fun and not worry about getting up at the crack of dawn to spend half the day “running.” I will say, that Chicago’s weather stunk on Saturday and it was a brutal ten miles. It was incredibly windy and for about three miles I felt like I was just getting punched. Thanks for that Chicago.

IMG_1338Don’t let this picture from Olive Park fool you, the view from the other side was a real jerk.

This week I go back to longer runs. Monday was a 30 min run, Tuesday was 7 miles with intervals, Friday is 7 miles and Saturday is 20 miles. 20 MILES! 20 MILES! WHERE IS MY MEDAL?!?! WHY DON’T I GET A MEDAL FOR RUNNING 20 MILES? I get to have my hair cut and to film a video for a friend and to clean my apartment, that’s all I get for 20 miles. Sad for me.

Next week is the Bourbon Dash so I am going a bit renegade on my run schedule, but overall, Fred Fitness put together a solid schedule for me and I feel mostly good about this whole marathon thing, though I am still obsessed with how I am going to eat. I am food focused. Deal with it America.

In non-running news, my very awesome friend said she would mentor me and my other friend in our fitness teaching adventures. It’s a bit weird of a process as you go and get your certification and then it’s like bam, I am certified to teach, but really I have no experience, and that’s odd. So yesterday I created the Arms, Back and Chest class that she teaches, we sat down and talked about the format, she tweaked it slightly, and then we did it in class. What I did learn, is that a minute is a long time. I kind of already knew that but figured I would go for it anyway. Class is here if you want to give it a try on your own (ya weirdo):

Warm Up – 5 min (do what you want, but make sure to warm up your arms and upper body)

Repeat these three times, 1 min, 40 sec, 20 sec
Skull crushers
Plank Row with extension

Repeat again, same as above, but add in slow counts on round two and pulses on round 3:
Bicep curls
Overhead triceps
Lateral Raise

1 Min of push ups

Repeat everything above and this time replace push ups with a min of pull ups

Repeat twice
Side plank right
Wrist extensions
Side plank left
P.S. Stan’s Donuts in Lincoln Park is finally almost open… just in time for my long runs to be finished…


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