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Will Run For Bourbon

The Bourbon Chase was last weekend. 200 miles of running along the bourbon trail with some of my homies. This meant 33 hours of either running, hanging out in a van, sleeping in a park, using a port-o-potty, sleeping in a high school gym or figuring out where to eat. And gosh darn it… it was fun.

If you want to read Greg’s partial live blog, head here. If you want to see pictures where I briefly describe things that happened, stay right where you are!

Van 1 started off the run at Jim Beam which was a beautiful distillery. They also had Fred’s smokehouse on their grounds and I demanded that Theresa take a picture with me in honor of my coach, Fred Fitness
Jamie finished up her first leg and here I am, ready to grab the bracelet to start my first leg of 3.59 miles (which I ran in 33:08). My first leg was through a cute little town where I turned left and turned left and turned right, hit a few stop lights and then finished by running straight up a hill.
Matt and I pose while we wait for Jamie to finish her first leg. Always a gun show.
I have no clue when this was taken, but based on Annie’s vest I would assume it was sometime between legs 2 and 3. My leg 2 was half pitch black at 1 am and then a bit on the highway where I encountered three dunks and feared for my safety a little bit. 5.63 miles completed in 52:04
Leg 3! I tried to take a video where I showed off how pretty my third leg was, but I failed. It was 5.35 miles (I swear it was actually more, finished in 50:14) through rolling hills (OMG will they ever end). I chased a guy for three miles and ended up finally passing him. I also spent the run waving to golfers, cars and basically anyone would would wave to me because when something is that pretty… I am just a dog in a car filled with excitement.
This is the full team at the end of the race. We are done. Some of us are showered. Others of us are just thirsty for bourbon. Not me… as it turns out… and as I already knew… I don’t like bourbon.


The woman in this distillery was laughing as we were all taking pictures of the barrels. To her, this is everyday. To us… it was exciting!
I believe this was the Maker’s Mark distillery in their gift shop. Or as I call the gift shop, a clean bathroom with doors that lock.
Theresa is just the cutest when she runs. Here she is pumping out some 7 min miles
I’m just being Miley

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