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Getting in the spirit

While this post is not about working out (OMG seriously? Do I know how to talk about things that aren’t fitness related? Not related. Unless they are cats. I can talk about cats), it is timely. Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day.


OK yes, it’s a made up holiday. OK sometimes it’s stinky to have a reminder that you are single and restaurants are expensive and roses are cliched, but do you know what’s awesome? Watching people celebrate their love for each other. While I can count the number of times a gentleman has given me flowers (it was once and it was my boss) one of my favorite things is seeing guys holding flowers for their loved ones. It’s adorable and quite frankly if you can’t appreciate the beauty of people loving each other then OMG calm down. Or maybe not calm down, just like take a min and breathe and say this is great and not everything is about me all the time.

I was looking for a gif where Arnold is all like “Everybody calm down!” but I couldn’t find it so this, while a touch aggressive, will have to do.

So to all these emails that keep telling me how to have an awesome Valentine’s Day despite the fact that I am single, I have a much simpler answer: just do what you were going to do on Saturday anyway and appreciate a day when people show their love for each other.


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