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Pimping My Friends

If I was a ClassPass member I would rate this class but I am not and thusI can only force you, my dear readers, to read my review of ElectiFYD with Lisa D at All About Dance

Years ago I was a regular at ABD but due to some schedule changes I made the jump to group fitness and found a new love. I use the term love because I love ABD and adore Lisa. This new class offers both dance (follow along, not learning a dance like their usual classes) and strength training. I will warnthe muscle heads out there (myself included) that this is more barre style with small weights and pulsing movements. I haven’t used small weights in awhile (except for at hardpressed when I scoff but then can’t lift 5lbs because I am dead) and while they feel like tiny butterflies in your hand, once you pulse for a bit you are thanking baby Jesus that they aren’t heavier.

And in other news, this was me from three years ago. My how things change quickly. I was just starting to run so I could get around the block in class and was attending a few 1hr classes regularly but not daily. Here we are, three years later, and I won’t tell you how frequently I work out, but I will tell you that I have vastly changed from the girl with the sandwich photoshopped on her (the class I was taking that day is BLT so it’s a most excellent pun).

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