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Chicago Marathon Recap

I meant to write up the 2016 Chicago Marathon sooner, but sometimes life takes over and we have to write these posts in unique places like the bus ride home which smells a smidge like pee. 

In other news, the Chicago  marathon is over! This was my first time running Chicago and only my second time running a marathon and quite frankly, it was a blast. My overall time was only 7 seconds faster than last year so of course I was a bit annoyed as I was determined to run faster, but since I have been dealing with ankle issues and I did not pay attention to my pace at all… I need to quit complaining. So yes, the good parts about the race (besides everything) is that after mile 6 when Lucy ran up to me and told me I was running 8:30 and I said oh shoot I need to slow down… I didn’t pay attention to anything except running and having fun. The Chicago spectators are the effing best and they are everywhere! I listened to music only a handful of times during my 26.2 miles and towards the end I kept thinking that I had just listened to Cake by the Ocean on repeat for close to 5 hours. I had not… it just never finished.

Let’s be real: I should quit complaining anyway because I ran and finished another marathon and I need to learn to just be proud of that.

Other details.

The expo

Burt Yasso
Custom shirts with Nike purchase

Going into marathon weekend I was playing it cool. My big plan is to run 36 miles in another week so running 26 is far less daunting, but by the time Friday and the expo rolled around I was excited and just wanted to get there. McCormick Place is a beast to travel to, but they provided shuttles to and from places like Nike which made it much more convenient. Vendors were plentiful and I managed to buy a jacket (of course) and a pair of Hoka Ones because I am intrigued on how they feel (lets hope they get rid of that ankle strain).

The race
OMG… I already talked about the spectators above but OMG. So well organized. So much fun. I wore my name on my shirt and hearing people yell for me the entire time was just so amazing. So many great signs along the course including lots of tump and Hilary, two T-rexes, and two corgis who I yelled corgi at… like you do. My friends are also so amazing and tracked me down throughout the city so they could support, cheer and run with me. I am so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by them and have their support on all of my adventures.

Well placed urgent care

Running with a charity
Do it. Raising money isn’t necessarily the easiest but team support is truly divine and access to team bathrooms pre-race instead of the port-o-potties that everyone used is a total game changer.

Post race swag
Bananas. More gatorade (no thanks). Water. Bag from Mariano’s. I didn’t make it to the post race party because I went and celebrated with pizza and Jeni’s ice cream.

I know this recap is pretty quick, but guys… run the Chicago marathon. Everyone says how great it is, and it is. I am looking forward to a bit of a running break this winter but I also can’t wait to get back into training and work on getting faster.

Post race feels: ankles were super swollen next day and tight quads but I’m already on the mend and back to working out.

Oh… and their photographers are and super fast!


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