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Chicago Marathon Recap

I meant to write up the 2016 Chicago Marathon sooner, but sometimes life takes over and we have to write these posts in unique places like the bus ride home which smells a smidge like pee. 

In other news, the Chicago  marathon is over! This was my first time running Chicago and only my second time running a marathon and quite frankly, it was a blast. My overall time was only 7 seconds faster than last year so of course I was a bit annoyed as I was determined to run faster, but since I have been dealing with ankle issues and I did not pay attention to my pace at all… I need to quit complaining. So yes, the good parts about the race (besides everything) is that after mile 6 when Lucy ran up to me and told me I was running 8:30 and I said oh shoot I need to slow down… I didn’t pay attention to anything except running and having fun. The Chicago spectators are the effing best and they are everywhere! I listened to music only a handful of times during my 26.2 miles and towards the end I kept thinking that I had just listened to Cake by the Ocean on repeat for close to 5 hours. I had not… it just never finished.

Let’s be real: I should quit complaining anyway because I ran and finished another marathon and I need to learn to just be proud of that.

Other details.

The expo

Burt Yasso
Custom shirts with Nike purchase

Going into marathon weekend I was playing it cool. My big plan is to run 36 miles in another week so running 26 is far less daunting, but by the time Friday and the expo rolled around I was excited and just wanted to get there. McCormick Place is a beast to travel to, but they provided shuttles to and from places like Nike which made it much more convenient. Vendors were plentiful and I managed to buy a jacket (of course) and a pair of Hoka Ones because I am intrigued on how they feel (lets hope they get rid of that ankle strain).

The race
OMG… I already talked about the spectators above but OMG. So well organized. So much fun. I wore my name on my shirt and hearing people yell for me the entire time was just so amazing. So many great signs along the course including lots of tump and Hilary, two T-rexes, and two corgis who I yelled corgi at… like you do. My friends are also so amazing and tracked me down throughout the city so they could support, cheer and run with me. I am so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by them and have their support on all of my adventures.

Well placed urgent care

Running with a charity
Do it. Raising money isn’t necessarily the easiest but team support is truly divine and access to team bathrooms pre-race instead of the port-o-potties that everyone used is a total game changer.

Post race swag
Bananas. More gatorade (no thanks). Water. Bag from Mariano’s. I didn’t make it to the post race party because I went and celebrated with pizza and Jeni’s ice cream.

I know this recap is pretty quick, but guys… run the Chicago marathon. Everyone says how great it is, and it is. I am looking forward to a bit of a running break this winter but I also can’t wait to get back into training and work on getting faster.

Post race feels: ankles were super swollen next day and tight quads but I’m already on the mend and back to working out.

Oh… and their photographers are and super fast!

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Where My Ladies At?

Growing up I was a tomboy. I had some female friends but I felt closer to men. I had a better understanding of men. In recent years that’s changed and I have many more women in my close circles. What does this have to do with anything? It’s Olympics time and I am all about the girl power representing this year.

First of all, let’s talk about team USA which is comprised of 262 men and 292 women. That’s right. More sporty ladies are competing in Rio then our brethren. Now let’s talk about Saudi Arabia. They sent 4 women to the Olympics, one of which is competing in weightlifting. Ayesha Al Balooshi i I support you for being a bad ass, weight lifting woman in a country where that is surely frowned upon.

Please note that Al Balooshi was actually on the UAE team.

In the women’s 400 meter Saturday night Katinka Hosszu not only smashed her competition but she smashed records and is now the world record holder for the distance. No big.

In women’s cycling, while I was all about Maura Abbott taking home the gold…
She was bested in the very last less than minute but Anna van der Breggen and the follow pack and ended fourth. I still think Abbott’s a badass for holding tight and climbing 2000km hills in the lead two.
Tonight is women’s gymnastics and I think we all know how the world feels about the USA team.

Sunday is the women’s marathon. I admit I will be shocked if someone from Team USA wins, but I am team Desi Linden all the way (ok and Team Cragg and Team Flanagan).

What I am saying ladies is that if you aren’t watching the Olympics you should start because our #girlsquad is crushing.

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And So We Begin (Again)

Last week training started for the Chicago marathon. Luckily for me this began with both an ear infection and 90 degree temps on my long run day. But this post is not about that. This post is about my favorite things that get me through my training.

A pair of good shoes… Or many pairs of good shoes. Last year I trained with Mizuno Wave Inspires. I’ve run in strictly Mizunos since I began running though lately I’ve found that my feet are changing. I want a softer shoe with a wider toe box but still plenty of cushion and so I am on the hunt. If you are looking for shoes I recommend heading to a local running store to get properly fitted.

The second a droplet of sweats lands on a part of your body that has become chaffed post long miles you will understand why body glide is 100% necessary.

Some people run with nothing. I like to have supplies of food and water. With a fuel belt you can still run hands free.

Snacks: gels are great for running but if you are like me and attempting a diet of mostly whole foods I suggest raisins, dates and pretzels to replenish your sodium and sugar.

Vita Coco. Always.

And a good hat. Blocks the sun and sweat and can be used as a shower (on hot days I soak my hat at water stations to cool down).

Good socks. I like my socks super light and I’m a big fan of Smartwool phD ultra light. 

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This Weekend I ran 1 Mile

I did not run in high school. I did not run in college. I did start running until three… oh maybe it was four now… years ago. Which means the last time I ran just one mile was three, maybe fours years ago because at the time, I physically could not run one mile. This weekend, I ran the Humboldt Mile inaugural race (put on by Three Run Two) and the idea was to run your fastest mile.


I have no clue what my fastest mile is. Well, I have a clue now and it’s 8:03 minutes. Though I am quite convinced that I could have run faster. The funny thing about a mile is that it is just long enough where if you don’t know what pace to go you find yourself thinking can I go faster before I give out (the answer is yes) but it’s just short enough where you don’t want to go to too slow. I was running… not necessarily uber speeding but running fast and towards the end I thought oh god, my legs are tired already but then I saw the finish line and was like oh hellz no I can sprint through this.

How does one prepare to run their fastest mile? I have no clue. I just did my usual runs. I suppose one could actually run a mile and figure it out that way. Or one could do something like Nike’s Find Your Fast program. Or one could just throw their hands up and say who really cares and hope for the best. Next time… if there is a next time, I know I can go faster, but at least this time I know what my fastest mile is.

If you are wondering if I would recommend this race for next year, the answer is absolutely. The course is through the gorgeous Humboldt Park which I am never around. It starts at a very reasonable and happy time of not 6am. It’s fun, it’s quick and how often do you get to run just one mile?

And no, I didn’t take any of these pictures. I stole them from the very talented Three Run Two photographers. Personally I forgot to take any pictures that day.

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Road to Rio

Did anyone else spend their Saturday watching the Road to Rio Olympic Marathon trials? If you did you got to see some amazing runners as well as an awesome example of teamwork. I might be too late for Valentine’s Day, but it’s never too late to tell you’re friends you love them sooooo…

*yes I stole this pic from the Internet and added my own caption so only use this for good and not evil.

P.s can someone tell the race announcers that when the majority of your top runners are over 30 you can likely stop commentin about their age because you can clearly be over 30 and crush it. While we are at it, can we tell them that duh doing squats will strengthen runners quads and legs? Thanks y’all.

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A Little Weekend Inspiration

I didn’t want to run at lunch today because I was feeling lazy and it’s a bit cold so instead I went to Enrgi and got some time in the Recoveri boots. Afterwards I read this article and felt like a giant pussy.