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I Do The Things!

I feel low on words today but also feel compelled to tell you things so…


While I am not a huge fan of being up at 5am, I have to admit that these sunrises are hellah pretty and make everything worth it. I don’t remember the run itself… it happened, I survived, so I assume everything was OK!

18 miles! This is the most distance I have run thus far. And when I say run… I mean that there were more walk breaks than I would like and I definitely had to pull over a few times to stretch it out. I was a tight tiny person who stayed up too late the night before and didn’t hydrate enough. But it happened. I ran. I finished. I didn’t stress about it. Though I did realize how sad it is when you are running a marathon that is not the Chicago marathon as Fleet Feet seems to be done with their aid stations… and even though I didn’t always stop at them, there was something about knowing they were there that felt good (I went to a panel on Sunday and the gent from Fleet Feet said they think of these tiny cups as giving out one life).

IMG_1256 (2)
I went to yoga and more importantly, I went to Fleet Fleet’s Breaking Through the Wall Panel.


While I thought they were going to talk more about the mental part of the marathon and instead they focused on nutrition. Which is fine because that’s what people asked. I am kicking myself as I should have asked questions pertaining to running with natural foods and not gels and how to make sure you are fueling with familiar foods when you are traveling, but I didn’t so alas! All in all it was pretty interesting and Jenny Simpson and Desi Linden are just the best.

Oh and thanks to Desi’s sponsor Brooks for this cute lil travel bag and to Fleet Feet for the $10 off in their store which I used on socks. YAY socks!


What I’m Reading This Week

This very true article about you can’t have all the fitness all the time when it comes to fitness. I know this to be true. I know I need to pick goals and stick to them, but it’s still very difficult sometimes.

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